What is VPN, How to Use? – Free VPN Apps (for Android and iOS)

It is necessary to use VPN services to browse the internet more freely and to access some limited services more easily. So what are the best VPN services, how to use VPN, how to set up VPN? Let’s look at the answers to these questions together.

VPN is the most common solution for accessing blocked sites. Also, legally using a VPN is not considered a crime. For such convenience, many companies provide services with different VPN applications. Together today, we take a closer look at the best VPN apps and clear all your VPN-related questions.

What is VPN?

So what is a VPN , how to use it, which are the best VPN services you can use, including Android, iOS, Google Chrome, we have explained everything for you from start to finish.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network in English, it means  Virtual Private Network in Turkish . The main purpose of a VPN is to remotely connect you to a network where you are not physically present In fact, the main purpose is to provide corporate solutions by providing a more secure way of communication. However, since it is possible to connect from outside the current physical location, it is possible to use a VPN to access blocked sites. So just like DNS services…

How does VPN work?

VPN shows the device you are connecting to the internet in a different location virtually . For this, it opens an encrypted tunnel to the other network. The transferred information is shared mutually through this tunnel. For example, if you connect to Wikipedia via VPN, data will flow between your device and the VPN network (For example: Canada) to which it is connected. Since this stream is encrypted, it cannot be viewed from the outside. Thus, the traffic takes place through Canada, you browse the internet according to Canada’s network procedures.

VPN software or mobile apps install a network driver for you to access this private tunnel. Acting as a virtual network adapter, this software gives you an IP address from the network you want to connect to. The IP address is, in a way, the identification number of your connection. This address automatically allows you to access websites on your targeted network.

There are basically 3 types of VPNs:

VPNs connecting from home computer to corporate private networks in the office. These are private, they can be established specifically for companies or institutions. VPNs that collect all traffic and connect from a different location. They generally offer internet access through another country. It is open to the public. Trust risk is high. The most common type of VPN; It is open to attacks and information leaks. Dedicated VPNs used to speed up response times in games called “pings”. It is game specific.

How to use VPN?

  • Step #1: Choose a VPN service
    • We recommend choosing a paid service for a more secure connection.
  • Step #2: Subscribe to VPN service
  • Step #3: When you want to hide your network, open the VPN plugin or application and connect from the most convenient location
    • The internet connection is faster in locations geographically close to your area.

VPN has different usage options according to your purpose. If you want to use VPN to access blocked sites, you need to access VPN networks that are open to the public , namely 2 types of VPN services (You can consult the IT officers in the company to use VPN for accessing corporate systems).

You have two options for using a VPN. The first is to buy from paid services, which is safer, and the second is to use free software or applications. If you have the technical qualifications, you can manually setup VPN from your device’s network settings . However, it is not possible to quickly change the network you are connected to here. So manually connecting to an insecure network will put your personal data at risk.

Best VPN services:


If you started using a free VPN service without doing good research, you may experience security issues. The VPN service may receive your data in return for the service it provides. For this reason, we did a little research for you and found a service that is both reliable and paid, but offers campaigns. Providing free service for the first 3 months, ExpressVPN promises high quality secure internet without losing speed. ExpressVPN , which is free for 3 months and $6.67 per month for 12 months, also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service offered. You can take advantage of the campaign by clicking here.

Browser with Opera VPN:

Opera offers the most popular and stable VPN service on computers or smartphones, which provides an embedded VPN service within the browser. Click for Opera Windows or MacOS version . You can find versions of Opera for Android and iOS from the links below:

Best free VPN apps (Android – iOS):

Android free VPN:

iPhone (iOS) free VPN:

Google Chrome free VPN addons:

Note: In Microsoft Edge Chromium version, you can use Google Chrome extensions without any problems.

WARNING: Free VPN apps can endanger your personal data and infect your device with dangerous viruses. Altunelektronik is not a security reference of the above free VPN apps. If you need VPN services very often, we recommend subscribing to paid VPN networks.


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