What is BIOS? How to Update BIOS?


About BIOS

The ” Basic Input Output System “, which we know as BIOS in short, means the structure that controls all input-output operations of a computer. So what are these input and output processes? In answer to this question, we can list all the hardware that makes up computer technology as processor, ram, keyboard, mouse, etc. As the BIOS is a permanent software, it remains fixed on the ROM, but at the same time it acts as a very important bridge as it allows us to use all the features related to the motherboard and the connections between the hardware.

Why Should We Update the BIOS?

As we have just mentioned, the BIOS provides the connection between the hardware. Therefore  , when a BIOS update is required, system changes are required; For example, it is absolutely necessary for our computer to ensure that the motherboard works in harmony with all the hardware in the system and to introduce a new hardware. However, it would not be right to do this update on a computer that has no problems and is compatible with the operating system.

How to Update BIOS?

If you are updating via your motherboard, you need to follow these steps;

  • After learning the brand and model of your motherboard, obtaining a BIOS update from the manufacturer of your motherboard or computer. Current versions are usually available from the manufacturer’s websites.
  • Copying the version to a blank USB stick
  • Restarting your computer and entering the BIOS.

You will be able to continue your operations by pressing the key that will allow you to enter the BIOS screen during the startup of your computer . Keys such as DEL, F12 are usually helpful to access the BIOS . However, it is easier to reach the BIOS with the mouse, with the interfaces of the new generation software.

At this point , it would be useful to make an important caveat. The BIOS update process is very risky and one wrong step can cause your computer to not boot up again. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to review all warnings and information about your motherboard.

How Can You Find Out Your Motherboard Model?

It is very important that you learn the brand and model of the motherboard correctly. Because each motherboard brand and model requires a different BIOS version. This information is on the motherboard, but you can also use utilities such as CPU-Z for this. For example, with this program, you can easily access the model information of commonly used Intel and AMD systems. With this program, you can even compare the version available on your motherboard with the new version you will install. 

BIOS Update Process on Windows

For the Windows update process, you must use the appropriate menus in the BIOS . After downloading the BIOS update, you can continue with the installation like any other program on your computer. After completion, it will be sufficient to restart your computer for the BIOS update to be active.

So How Can You Find Out Your Computer’s BIOS Version ?

  1. Let’s click the Windows icon from the start screen in the lower left corner of our computer. 
  2. Then , let ‘s type msinfo in the Start window, click on the ” System Information ” option at the top of the Start window.
  3. Let’s find the BIOS version number on the screen that comes up. Next to the BIOS Version/Date heading, we will see the company name, the model name of your computer, and a number after a period. The number after the dot is the BIOS version of our computer.


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