The 10 most traded coins by Ethereum whales


The 10 most traded coins by Ethereum whales

Setting the date of September 19 as the target for the eagerly anticipated “Merge” update in Ethereum caused the Ethereum price to increase and thus the trade volumes of the whales to increase. There are significant price movements among the tokens that the first 100 Ethereum whales started to trade.

While Ethereum’s surge above $1400 over the weekend made many traders and investors interested in the market again, Ethereum whales also took action.

While Ethereum ranks first among the tokens traded the most by the first 100 big Ethereum whales, USDC, which has recently increased its market volume, comes in second place. However, in third place is the exchange’s own token, CRO. While it is noteworthy that CRO surpassed USDT, the largest stable coin, in the last 24 hours, the rises of COMP (5), APE (6) and FTM (7) did not go unnoticed. BOND, which showed a very serious rise last week, is also in the 10th place on the list.

SHIB’s reign continues, FTT has fallen behind
The token most held by the first 100 Ethereum whales is naturally Ethereum, but when we remove ETH from the list, the leadership shifts to Shiba Inu. For months, SHIB, the token that whales hold the most behind Ethereum, has managed to maintain its position in this sense despite all the declines. Sharing the 1st and 2nd places with SHIB for a long time, FTX boraa’s own token, FTT, has regressed to the 9th place. It is worth noting that MATIC, which has made a serious debut in the last week, is also included in the list from the 10th place.

*Statistics and data are taken from WhaleStats site.



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