Debian 11 Bullseye Installation


Debian 11 – Bullseye
The stable version of Bullseye, version 11 of Debian, was released on Saturday, August 14th! Hours after this exciting event, let’s examine together how to install this highly anticipated release of Debian.

Downloading Debian 11 Disk Pattern
Let’s download the Debian 11 disk image from the address here.

Virtual Machine Settings
First of all, let’s create a new virtual machine with the help of the virtualization software we use (VirtualBox will be used in this document) and set its resources according to our physical machine.

Let’s edit the network settings in the Settings section as indicated below.

After making the network settings, let’s place the disk image with the .iso extension on our machine, and with this step, let’s finish the preliminary preparations and move on to the installation phase.

Let’s start our machine with the start button.

Let’s continue with the Graphical Install option.

Since the system language we will determine at this stage is an option that will affect our experience during the usage phase, it should be decided carefully.


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